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The campsite is about 1.5 km from the city center Sobotka on a beautiful sunny place surrounded by nature overlooking the castle Humprecht, which recommend a visit. Nearby is the castle Kost - another great trip. Of course there is a playground that from April 2013 we will gradually improve and grow. On the 2013 season is scheduled trampoline, new swings, a slide and pískoviště.Rovněž the 2013 season preparing recovery volleyball with beautiful white sand. Usage is free if you do not carry the ball, it can be rented for a small fee. You can stay in rooms on the first floor of the main building and cottages. Of course, there is also space for tents and caravans. Pool of 60 * 30 m is accommodated their guests free (charging according to the weather around 1.6), daily visitors pay an entrance fee. You can refresh yourself at the kiosk in the main building (half board - ready meals, breakfast buffet) where you can during bad weather and sit in a warm, dry place or in the evening with a drink at the TV during a sunny day you will appreciate the two terraces.
Parking in the area is reserved for hotel guests and stanaře. The so-called. day visitors can conveniently park in front of the fencing area. If you arrive by bicycle, on the left side of the cash register, visit stands. The nearby town (1,5 km) you will find shops, doctors, transport links (bus, train) ...

Kemp s koupalištěm Sobotka - Camp Equipment

  • Recepcja
  • Restauracja
  • Sklep
  • Toalety
  • Natryski
  • Ciepła woda
  • Woda zdatna do picia
  • Kuchnia
  • Naczynia
  • Lodówka
  • Prąd elektryczny
  • Pralnia
  • Kąpiele
  • Boisko
  • Ognisko
  • Telewizor
  • Świetlica

Kemp s koupalištěm Sobotka - Tents

Pole namiotowe: Yes

Kemp s koupalištěm Sobotka - Caravans

  • Miejsce na odpady z przyczep
  • Wymiana butli gazowych
  • Podłączenie do prądu el.

Kemp s koupalištěm Sobotka - Chatki


  • Prąd elektryczny
  • WC
  • Przystawka
  • Kuchnia
  • Lodówka
  • Prysznic
  • Pościel
  • Naczynia

Kemp s koupalištěm Sobotka - Łóżka w budynku


Ilość łóżek 44

Kemp s koupalištěm Sobotka - Parking

  • Obok chatki
  • Obok namiotu

Kemp s koupalištěm Sobotka - Boisko

  • Siatkówka
  • Tenis nożny
  • Koszykówka
  • Piłka nożna
  • Tenis
  • Tenis stołowy
  • Plac zabaw
  • Petanque

Kemp s koupalištěm Sobotka - Kąpiele

  • Kąpielisko jest/nie jest za darmo
  • Basen
  • Staw
  • Rzeka
  • Kąpielisko
  • Jezioro
  • Zapora

Kemp s koupalištěm Sobotka - Rental

  • Kuchenka
  • Lodówka
  • Telewizor
  • Radio
  • Butla gazowa
  • Naczynia
  • Pościel

Kemp s koupalištěm Sobotka - Rental Sports Equipment

  • Rower wodny
  • Łódka
  • Surf
  • Rakietki, rakietki
  • Siatki
  • Piłki
  • Potrzeby wędkarskie

Kemp s koupalištěm Sobotka -

Kemp s koupalištěm Sobotka - Other

  • Opieka nad dziećmi
  • Ogrodzony teren
  • Dozorca campingu
  • Wędkowanie
  • Wycieczki konne
  • Sporty wodne
  • Psy

Kemp s koupalištěm Sobotka - Ciekawostki

Last Update: 4.04.2014