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Camping Sec Beach can be found about 1 km from the center of Sec. Nonstop reception with lovely and friendly service operates during the summer season, the off-season as needed. The basic equipment is a bicycle, sports equipment rental, boat rental with rent pedal boats, surfboards, or yachts, lounge, kitchen, children's playground, novelty is the sale of fishing permits at the reception. You will find basic food shop, fruit and vegetables, dry goods, a newspaper stand, fast food, ice cream, as well as several nice pubs. Tents and caravans can build divided into 2 sectors (quieter for families with children away from the reception), the possibility of electrical connections in both sectors. Due to the small distance from the water is suitable for anglers. The camp has a grassy surface modified, directly building upon the grassy beach slowly passing the sandy shore with a boat rental. The safety of visitors to the old Red Cross Water Rescue Service.
Cabins are equipped with small kitchen (including dishes). Others may use public kitchen, or dine in one of the cozy summer pubs in the area. There is also a fast-food stands. In addition to the center of Sec find restaurants and pizzeria.

Autokemp Seč Pláž - Équipement du camping

  • Accueil
  • Restaurant
  • Epicerie
  • Toilettes
  • Douches
  • Eau chaude
  • Eau potable
  • Cuisinette
  • Vaisselle
  • Réfrigérateur
  • Electricité
  • Salle de lavage
  • Baignade
  • Terrain de sport
  • Foyer
  • Télévision
  • Local d´usage commun

Autokemp Seč Pláž - Tentes

Terrain réservé aux tentes: oui

Autokemp Seč Pláž - Caravanes

  • Cuve vidoir des WC chimiques
  • Changement des bouteilles de butane
  • Prise de courant

10 A

Autokemp Seč Pláž - Bungalows


  • Electricité
  • WC
  • Lit supplémentaire
  • Cuisinette
  • Réfrigérateur
  • Douche
  • Literie
  • Vaisselle

Autokemp Seč Pláž - Parking

  • Stationnement a côté du bungalow
  • Stationnement a côté de la tente

Autokemp Seč Pláž - Terrain de sport

  • Volley-ball
  • Tennis ballon
  • Basket-ball
  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Tennis de table
  • Terrain de jeu pour les enfants
  • Pétanque

Autokemp Seč Pláž - Baignade

  • Baignade gratuite/payée
  • Piscine couverte
  • Etang
  • Riviere
  • Piscine
  • Lac
  • Barrage

Autokemp Seč Pláž - Rental

  • Fourneau a gaz
  • Réfrigérateur
  • Télévision
  • Radio
  • Bouteille de butane
  • Vaisselle
  • Literie

Autokemp Seč Pláž - Rental Sports Equipment

  • Bateau a pédales
  • Bateau
  • Surf
  • Raquettes, battes
  • Filets
  • Ballons
  • Equipements de peche

Autokemp Seč Pláž -

  • Wifi

Autokemp Seč Pláž - Autres

  • Garde des enfants
  • Terrain enclos
  • Surveillance du camping
  • Peche
  • Promenades a cheval
  • Sports aquatiques
  • Chiens

Réseau de téléphonie mobile

Autokemp Seč Pláž - Social Activities

  • Discotheques
  • Soirées de danse et de musique
  • Concerts

Autokemp Seč Pláž - Sites d´intéret

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