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Camping is located on the bank of the lake approximately 1,5 kilometres from a picturesque city of Horní Planá offering plenty of activites: restaurants, bars, discos, tennis, courts, mini golf, summer cinema, etc..
Camp is situated on the left lakeside of Lipno reservoir in lovely scenery of the Bohemian Forest. It is about 30km from district town Český Krumlov. Our camp can offer you chance to relax in nature, which isn't change by people, bathing in the Lipno lake, fishing, a lot of cycling ways and walkings in the local beautiful nature of Bohemia Forest. When you like to gather mushrooms, raspberries and bilberries, don't forget to take your baskets!
Here are lot of chances to do many sports in the camp and around the camp too.

* Football field
* Tennis courts, beach volleyball
* Playgrounds for childern
* Riding a horses
* Water sports, going down to river Vltava in the canoes or rafts
The trips around the cultural monuments and historical landmarks – Český Krumlov, Hluboká nad Vltavou, Rožmberk, Vyšší Brod, Vítkův Kámen etc. – it can be good activity for your free time.
Caravans, tents, cottage and caravans to let, connectors for electric, drinking water, showers, toilets, asphalt driveway to the place. Chance to make a fire.
There is a new settlement in the camp, where you can find: showers, toilets, kitchen, launderete with automatic washing machine. There is a free access for disabled people. In cam, there is a football field, playground for children. Every day at 20:00 start riding a horse for children. You can borrow boats, canoes and treadles. Of course here is refreshment for our visitors. We have got a new pastry and a lot of drinks and food for you.

Camping u Kukačků a penzion DaJa - Equipamiento

  • Recepción
  • Restaurante
  • Tienda
  • Lavabos
  • Duchas
  • Agua caliente
  • Agua potable
  • Cocina
  • Vajilla
  • Frigorífico
  • Electricidad
  • Lavandería
  • Natación
  • Área de juego
  • Área para hoguera
  • Televisión
  • Sala de pasatiempo

Camping u Kukačků a penzion DaJa - Tiendas de Campaňa

Área para tiendas de campaňa: Yes

Camping u Kukačků a penzion DaJa - Caravanas

Número de plazas caravana: 150

  • Vaciadero de inodoro químico
  • Cambio de bombona de gas
  • Empalme a la electricidad

Camping u Kukačků a penzion DaJa - Challets


  • Electricidad
  • Baňos
  • Cama extra
  • Cocina
  • Frigorífico
  • Ducha
  • Ropa de cama
  • Vajilla

Camping u Kukačků a penzion DaJa - Camas en el edifício


Camping u Kukačků a penzion DaJa - Estacionamiento

  • Al lado de bungalow
  • Al lado de tienda de campaňa

Camping u Kukačků a penzion DaJa - Área de juego

  • Volley-ball
  • Balonpie
  • Baloncesto
  • Fútbol
  • Tenis
  • Tenis de mesa
  • Área de juegos para niňos
  • Petanque

Camping u Kukačků a penzion DaJa - Natación

  • Natación está/no está gratis
  • Piscina
  • Estanque
  • Río
  • Pileta
  • Lago
  • Presa

Camping u Kukačků a penzion DaJa - Posibilidad del alquiler

  • Hornilla
  • Frigorífico
  • Televisión
  • Rádio
  • Bombona de gas
  • Vajilla
  • Ropa de cama

Camping u Kukačků a penzion DaJa - Alquiler de accesorios de deporte

  • Barco de pedal
  • Barco
  • Surf
  • Palas de deporte
  • Paraderas
  • Pelotas
  • Accesorios de pescar

Camping u Kukačků a penzion DaJa -

  • Wifi

Camping u Kukačků a penzion DaJa - Otros

  • Guardería de los niňos
  • Areal vallado
  • Vigilante del camping
  • Pesca
  • Excursiones a caballos
  • Deportes acuáticos
  • Perros

Seňal de móviles

Camping u Kukačků a penzion DaJa - Social Activities

  • Disco
  • Diversión
  • Conciertos

Camping u Kukačků a penzion DaJa - Curiosidades

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